And the Winner is…


This past Monday I had the opportunity to photograph the Clemens and Steele Swim Teams. These aren’t your average team photos though, we took the plunge into the icy waters for some crazy underwater team photos! Imagine 4-10 swimmers at a time, all trying to hold still, keeping eyes wide open, and holding their breath. But these swimmers were AMAZING! We were all laughing most of the day. It was a crazy pool party, and I can’t wait to show you what we got! This underwater photo session took place at both swim teams’ practice pool: the Pickrell Pool in Schertz, TX. The weather outside was stunning. Sunny, clear days with a light breeze are perfect for underwater photoshoots. However, October in Texas isn’t exactly the ideal swimming time of the year, and the water was preeeetty chilly. Thank goodness I always wear my wetsuit (the goggle ring on my face isn’t quite as welcomed…)

To add a little extra fun to the day, I decided that I would give away a FREE underwater session to one of the swimmers. All they had to do was create a social media post and tag Vintage Creek Photography in it. I was overjoyed by all the responses I got.

Drum roll please…

And the winner of the Free Underwater Portrait Session is….. Sydney Fischer! Congratulations! I can’t wait to get this Clemens student in the pool! Please check back in a few weeks to see just how the images of these athletes rank up!


Just as a teaser, here is an image I got to squeeze in between sessions.  If you want your own private underwater session contact me today.

underwater portrait