Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Photographers

 It’s Photo Gifts We Want!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Here is a list of some great photo-themed gifts for your camera keen loved one this year. I have scored each idea with a price scale (1=low budget, 5=high budget), planning scale (1=little planning, 5=extensive planning), and Love Points (1=you completely forgot about it, 5=personal, thoughtful, useful, and amazing). You can make these gifts memorable in any circumstance.

Photo Centered Vacation
Price 5/5 Planning 5/5 Love Points 5/5

Honeymoon Beach, St Tomas, Virgin Islands.
Honeymoon Beach, St Tomas, Virgin Islands.

This gift tops the chart with the budget but is very thoughtful as well. When planning a vacation, lots of things are taken into consideration. How many days? What location? Which activities? However, when planning a vacation with the purpose of photography in mind, certain priorities take precedence over others. For instance, when choosing a hotel for your perfect Paris photography trip, you’ll want to book one closer to the Eiffel Tower if you’re trying to get that perfect sunrise shot. That way it is easier to go out in the early mornings, and then back again without too much time out of your day. Maybe your priority will be transportation. In order to visit some out of the way, secluded beach during golden hour, you may choose to rent a car rather than rely on a bus or taxi. Even a day trip can be a perfect photo outing together. Being able to stop at every scenic overlook gives your loved one multiple opportunities to use their camera. Some fresh air, beautiful sights and time together can double every photo outing into a couple outing.

Book a family photo session
Price 3/5 Planning 3/5 Love Points 4/5

Texas Blue Bonnets Kids


Now I know what you’re thinking, “We just had photos at Christmas. I had to wear that dumb sweater!” Most people think about family photos when holiday cards need to go out. However, winter is the worst time to do photos. The weather is crummy, your family is stuffed tight with layers, and if you’re lucky enough to get an outdoor session the landscape is all dead. Not to mention the budget is usually tight because of all the holiday festivities. Tighter finances usually mean corner cutting, so only digital copies and cards are ordered. Plans are made to purchase more in the future, but then you never do. Then it all repeats the next holiday season. With some proactive thinking, book a family session NOW. Spring is stunning with flowers bursting with color and new leaves with extra vibrant hues. Your clothing options expand from cardigans and boots to sandals and dresses. These are images you’ll proudly display through all four seasons. You will also have the budget to do so.

Some tips on how to do this. Make a down payment. Don’t try to skid by with a flimsy coupon. Actually, commit to taking photos. Now, you might be thinking, “Well my significant other is already a photographer, why should I buy photos from someone else?” When you are committing to taking family photos, you are giving your loved one the gift of rest. It is great to just be able to show up and not worry. The same reasoning applies when you take a chef out to dinner. Sometimes the chef doesn’t want to make every meal. And sometimes the photographer doesn’t want to take every photo. Relieve the stress, and let them be the one treated instead of treating. Do your research and find a photographer that they love/follow/talk about and book them. It’s not rude, its an honor. (I will book other photographers all the time for things I’m not willing to do. My own maternity or newborn photos for example)

Make a Photo Book.
Price 2/5 Planning 3/5 Love Points 3/5

A photo book is a budget friendly gift that still has that perfect personal touch. You have made it through another year together. Celebrate your moments of love and laughter by memorializing them in a book. Photo books can be as simple as linking your social media account with a photo book website. Or you can go as far as designing a book that is completely unique. There is a spectrum of options that can fit your time and budget. All will guarantee a beautiful memento of your time together thus far. I have linked a couple of simple companies that will build cute, little photo books for you. If you are planning on going this route then do not wait! This is not a day before the gift. Plan ahead so you have time to collect the perfect photos and have it shipped before your special day.

(Now I’m going, to be honest, I use a large printing lab for all my albums so I have never personally used any of these companies. That being said, I feel confident you’ll be happy with any of these for a small custom book as a gift and the prices are great.)

Simple Photo Gifts
Price 1/5 Planning 1/5 Love Points 2/5

Ok, so you totally forgot and have only a few days left until Valentine’s Day. To make matters worse, the budget this year is tight. Don’t lose hope, you still have options! I have found some of my favorite photo themed items and am sharing them with you. The photographer in your life will love any of these unique gifts. Help them tie their craft to other avenues of life with everyday items that proudly display their artistic interests. Amazon provides lots of shipping options depending on how close the deadline is. Prime items usually ship in two days. Next day shipping is also an option if things are really down to the wire. I gave it low marks on the love points, but with a nice dinner, you might be able to make those up.






 Travel Mug


 Graphic Tee


I just bought this sweet tee for myself just a few weeks ago! The best way to combine my love of Texas with my love of photography! This is not an amazon item so be aware of shipping times.

I hope this list gave you some ideas on how to make your holiday together extra special. Good luck on your Valentine’s Day endeavors!