Special Request

I love when my clients and friends come to us with special requests. Not only is it fun to diversify and do something out of the norm but some of our best memories come this way. This shoot was no exception.

These young girls were dressed in the traditional Japanese Kimono’s. We were lucky to have visiting relatives as well to help with traditional dressing and posing. How fun it was to have such a great cultural experience here in Loomis.

Singing in the rain…

Just because we have wet weather doesn’t mean we still cant have fun! Introducing the crazy, spontaneous, fun and slightly wet Casagrande family! I’ve been waiting for a family to let me try some rainy day weather portraits and they rose to the occasion. I’m in love with the bright colors and fall leaves we got.  Thank you Casagrande family for  a truly creative and unique session.

If you think you and your family might be interested in something like this check out our Pintrest page . I have a category called “Looking for a family to try these…”  It’s a place of all the ideas I’d like to try or call us with your own!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Well it’s been a long hard road to get to this point but I finally made it. With help from friends family and an amazing teacher and father I finally can say….. I’m an Award winning photographer!

Do you remember when I did that Easter shoot with my daughter and her cousins? Well the picture of Shawn got so many comments from family and friends and now from judges! It took first place.

I will have to say I might be a bit biased when it comes to my daughter. She is always first in my mine when thinking about new locations and props (and if she would cooperate, I think you would see more of her). I’m glad to see that others feel the same way. Audrey took second place! Even her backside is a good side!

For my South Placer friends: If you are out and about this weekend, check out the Placer County Fair in Roseville. Be sure and stop by the photography exhibits!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! I just want to show you a cute little gift that I made for my husband and brother. I got this idea off Pintrest and decided to try it out. I found a frame that had three 5″x7″ openings and I loved how it turned out. I had a hard time getting Audrey to sit still let alone hold any of the letters. Shawn on the other hand did an amazing job. We also tried out a new location down the street from our house. I’m thinking this orchard will be used again shortly.  Anyone want some cool family photos?

Hoppy Easter

I hope that all of you had a wonderful time with friends and family this Easter season. I had best spring break, not only because I had the week off but I got to do some of the best photo shoots this week.  Try 5 children all under four… then add two baby chicks! This session took quite a bit of time, not because of the chickens, but because of all the children! I loved every minuet of it. I know that I’m meant to do children’s photography because I would rather do this set up than wake up at dawn and shoot sunrises. That’s why my dad and I work so well together. I wonder what animal I can use next…..