Underwater Photos

Starring in an underwater senior photo session is a once in a life time experience. This opportunity available to you has been made possible after years of dedicated trial and error and some sophisticated equipment. The work is definitely worth it, and you will find that your participation in this endeavor will definitely shine in the final product.

Pictures taken underwater lend an otherworldly atmosphere that cannot be replicated in other settings. Fabric and hair will flow and drift. Reflections from the water will highlight you in a way entirely different from direct sunlight. Your capacity for movement increases vastly since gravity is basically a non-factor. Underwater, you transform into living art.

What to expect with your underwater session

These unique photos will be an undertaking. Working with props, costumes, and, lighting underwater is a challenge. Physical discipline such as regulating your buoyancy or keeping your eyes open underwater are realistic difficulties in this setting. Before diving in this worthwhile challenge, let’s take a sneak peek behind the scenes as to what it an average underwater shoot looks like.

First off we must prepare our setting of choice: a well-kept pool. Deciding whether it is a dark or light bottom pool will influence the style and look of the shoot. The color can drastically change the lighting and mood of the end picture. The more sunlight available, the better since water blocks a lot of light. Most shoots take place during midday. Thankfully, the heat will not play a major factor since the session will be in the water. Drinks and snacks will also be supplied. It’s going to be a pool party!

Next comes hair, make-up and wardrobe. Underwater sessions have an extra challenge when it comes to make-up. You need it to be dramatic but durable. My preferred brand, Make Up For Ever, was designed to be worn by synchronized swimmers. After make-up is hair. To accentuate the water’s flowing effect, hair is often styled down. A hat or a special head piece, however, can add a lot of personality to a shoot. Either way, bobby pins will be used excessively. Finally, costuming is assembled. Depending on the theme of the shoot, we can go with a flowing formal to an everyday casual or even crazy sports gear. We’ve photographed everything from a guy in tuxedo’s standing on a wake board to a girl playing tennis to a set of friends playing chess.

After all these are brought together, it is finally time to jump in! The first 10-15 minutes will be setting up props and practicing our breathing and hand signals. Communication is key, so hand signals are extremely important. It is recommended to practice opening your eyes and holding your breath while smiling. This is the hardest part for most models. Then it’s time to photograph. With a slow exhale, you will submerge and pose for 20-25 seconds at a time. The exhale is also important because it increases your capacity to sink. Generally, each pose is repeated 3-5 times before switching to a new pose. Numerous shots are required in order to increase our chances of getting that perfect shot. It cannot be described as easy, or for everyone, but it is unlike anything you’ll ever do in your life. Sometimes the things you remember the most were the hardest to do.

If you have a family, group, or commercial work that you would like, please contact us about special pricing.