Pack your bags!

This was a very special session that we did for a very great couple that is planning on getting married in Mexico this summer. Sometimes all you have to do to use some of the best props is ask! Big thanks to Mach 5 Aviation in Auburn for letting us borrow their plane.

Here is the custom tri-fold Save The Date card we designed for them as well. It has such a cute refrigerator magnet with it!

Harris Wedding

It was such a privilege to photography the wedding of a long time friend. We have been planning and prepping for this for quite a long time. The Bride was stunning and graceful. It was a fun day not only because it was a good friend but also because of the location. The north steps of the State Capitol was a magical location to get married and we loved every minute of it.

Paul and Ashley, I hope that you have a long and happy life together and can’t wait till I get to photograph your babies when it is time! We love you!

Brianna and Ean!

It’s wedding season! We just finished a pretty spectacular one too. Brianna and Ean were the cutest nicest little love birds ever. We were so privileged to be a part of their wedding day and capture the love that they share for each other. Ean is a very lucky guy; not only is his new wife kind, sweet and generous,  she’s stunningly beautiful.  Congratulations to Brianna and Ean!

“Woof, Woof” or “There’s Nothing Wrong With This Dog’s Life…”

Lenny Lee here to tell you there’s not a thing wrong with being a dog. Case in point; my adoptive parents, Niki and Barrett Lee, had a big celebration in my honor a few weeks ago. They apparently wanted me to know how much they loved and appreciated me in their life (and really who wouldn’t?) so they planned this great event for me to be a part of. They even had a team of professional photographers along to capture images of me in all my furry glory.


We started at the old Powerhouse in Folsom. Here I am sitting on Niki’s lap. That’s Barrett next to her.


As you can see in this image above, I’m on my best behavior—too bad you can’t say the same for Niki and Barrett!


This is one of my personal favorites, probably because the photographer actually understood who was supposed to be the top dog today.


Now here we are going to play. Don’t mind Niki and Barrett’s goo-goo eyed look, you get used to it; I did.


You’ll notice Niki is holding me tight. I think she was afraid I was going to chase the squirrels, but I really was trying to be on my best behavior.


Here are Niki and Barrett exiting through a set of pretty doors. I’m not entirely sure what went on in there, but even I could tell they were extra happy when they came out of this building.


Since everyone else was kissing and hugging Niki and Barrett when they came out of that special building, I just had to do the same.


Okay, even though I’m not actually in this picture, it is one of my favorites. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic.


And finally, one of Niki’s favorites.  Bye! I’m off to find a fire hydrant!