Vintage Creek Photography has moved to Schertz, Texas!

Welcome to Texas Y’all!

Hello friends. After a long much needed break I thought I’d fill you in on what Vintage Creek Photography has been up to the last few years. I’ve been silent when it comes to blog posts so you can expect to see a lot more of these now that we are up and running again. We’ll talk about everything from Fashion and make-up choices, to the right kind of dress and material for your underwater photo session. I’ll even go over editing tips and pool tricks!

First, let’s see where I’ve been the last few years.

Vintage Creek Photography - Schertz, TX

In 2014, Dan, my husband, Audrey, my daughter and I moved from Loomis, California to Schertz, Texas, a suburb of San Antonio. Not only did the photography business move with us, but so did a large portion of the family. My parents and brother joined us in this exciting adventure of relocating halfway across the county. They now live about 30 miles from our new home.

 To our surprise and joy, my mother in-law and sister in law also moved to the area a few months later. The move was long and painful; 3 dogs, one cat, one 4 year old and a grandma….it was crazy!

Vintage Creek Photography- Schertz, TX

A few weeks before we moved I found out I was expecting my second child. We decided that the photography business would be put on hold, while we figured everything out. This turned in to a huge blessing as I was sick almost my whole pregnancy and would not have been able to give my clients the time they deserved.

We welcomed Emmalyn Grace to the family in April of 2015.

Kim Park Photography

I had a wonderful photography friend  named Kim Shuck take these amazing images of my new baby! If you are in the Schertz/Cibolo area I totally recommend her for newborns!

We moved out of the rental and into a home we could call our own just two weeks later! Yep, it was a busy month.  The next year was spent bonding with baby and creating memories as a family. Always having the photography business in the back of my mind but never feeling like the time was right.

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Now that our newest addition to the family is old enough to not need constant care. I decided that it is now time to start doing what I love again. Being able to capture photographs of high school seniors that they will cherish their whole lives is what I get most excited about.  I love the way a photograph can make you feel, how it can bring back the best memories in an instant.

I’ve also decided to continue to specialize in underwater photography. This is a new and unusual style of photography that is something that I absolutely LOVE. I’m all about making each and every session unique and what better way to do that then offer my clients a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

In just the short time that I’ve been back to photographing since moving to Texas, I’ve had some amazing experiences. I have a few publications coming out very soon and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!



Photo Props For Sale

We have a number of photo props we are selling. We have used these successfully for babies, seniors and newlyweds.

Contact Roger at 916-532-3232 for any of these.

Wooden Wagon – SOLD

This wagon is 24″ long x 16″ high

Two Old Sleds – $30.00

These sleds are great for snow shoots. The sleds are 42″ long.  Must take both.

Old Luggage Collection – SOLD

This luggage must be taken as a set. Great for posing seniors or newlyweds. Or put a baby in one.


Five light fluorescent light box with bulbs and stand – SOLD

This light box has five fluorescent bulbs that give continuous light for posing. Does not get hot like incandescent light and the fluorescent bulbs are balanced for daylight. Great for newborn posing where a strobe might wake the newborn. Has 2 switches to control the light (full or half). Includes stand. It produces great “soft” light.

Lemonade Stand – $15.00

This prop easily breaks down for transport.

Posing table and chair – SOLD

This posing chair and table is great for posing individuals. Both the table and chair are adjustable in height.

 Baby Bed – SOLD

This bed is great for posing newborns. Needs cushion and/or blanket. 25″w x 16″d x 16″h

Apple Box – $5.00

This is a new apple box distressed and painted to look old. 18″l x 13″w x 9″d.


Tricks Gymnastics Princess Ball

I can’t tell you how much fun we had at the 2012 Tricks Gymnastics Princess Ball. This was Tricks 7th ball and I think it was the best one ever! It was located at their Folsom facility. I was privileged to attend last year’s ball as well. Some might even say that I had an uncanny resemblance to Tinker Bell. I plead the fifth on that one. This year Vintage Creek Photography was the official ball photographers!

We were so delighted that so many princesses were able to come to this years Princess Ball.  This was our cast:

Tricks Folsom Princess Ball

We were sad that a few of the husbands weren’t able to make it. I’m sure they were fighting dragons or evil villains  and will make all efforts to be there next time. We took some formal portraits of all the Princes and Princesses so they can take them home to hang on their castle walls. Here are just a few…

Tricks Folsom Princess Ball.

Tricks Folsom Princess Ball.

Tricks Folsom Princess Ball.

This year I was able to take my daughter Audrey.   It was AMAZING to see her walk up to each of her favorite princess and hug them. Even characters she didn’t know she hugged.

Tricks Folsom Princess Ball

Peter Pan even got hugs. I think that was cause he kept spinning her around.

I truly cant say thank you enough to the owners of Tricks Gymnastics, Barbra Jo and Vern for letting us come out and photograph this year. It was by far one of our top three shoots of the year!

Also a big thanks to our wonderful characters and behind the scenes crew.

Now If you are interested in attending the 2013 Tricks Princess Ball, a little birdie might have told me that the 8th Annual Tricks Princess ball is being moved to the Spring…. this Spring! I will be sure and post more details on a date and time as soon as I know!



Harris Wedding

It was such a privilege to photography the wedding of a long time friend. We have been planning and prepping for this for quite a long time. The Bride was stunning and graceful. It was a fun day not only because it was a good friend but also because of the location. The north steps of the State Capitol was a magical location to get married and we loved every minute of it.

Paul and Ashley, I hope that you have a long and happy life together and can’t wait till I get to photograph your babies when it is time! We love you!