Just a girl and a horse…

Add one part stunning cowgirl, one part horse and one part photography and you get these….

I am in love with all of the photographs we took that day. It has been so hard for me to narrow down a few to show you. Jacqueline was amazing. She was so relaxed and easy going. You can tell in all of her photos that she was having a good time. Even when she’s not smiling she has such depth and emotion in her eyes.

This is a new location that we have discovered and I think it’s a keeper. I can’t forget to thank Coby the horse and Emily his owner for all the help. Sometimes working with animals can be very difficulty but just look how willing everyone was to be a part of the shoot!

We also got to spend a little time at my favorite shooting location… the old barn. The image below is my favorite photography of the day.

Thank you again Jacqueline for being my model and thank you Emily for the help with Coby.  It was a great day!