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A Spring Visual Guide on What to Wear and Where to Buy It!

For the rest of your life, you will use senior photos as a portal to revisit the you of today. Keeping that in mind, every time you look at those photos your reaction should never be, “What was I thinking with THAT outfit?”. To help cope with the stress of finding the Zero Regret Outfit, I have assembled a couple example spreads to help inspire you for your picture perfect spring look. Assembling these looks was so much fun with Polyvore (.) com. If you love these looks or have been inspired to start creating your own, check out the site. All of these images and the images there will link you to the shops where you can buy these Zero Regret items.

Casual You

 What to wear for senior photos, Vintage Creek Photography, San Antonio, Texas  What to wear for senior photos, Vintage Creek Photography, San Antonio, Texas   What to wear for senior photos, Vintage Creek Photography, San Antonio, Texas

When scoping out all the possibilities, most seniors choose at least one casual look. An outfit representing beautiful, every day you can be pretty tough to figure out. Think about what you love and feel comfortable in. Steer clear of strong current trends that will date your look. Love your legs? Choose a skirt or shorts that highlight them. Maybe your hairstyle is your life. Pick a top that doesn’t combat for attention, so the focus remains on how your locks rock. When you feel happy and confident in your outfit, it shines through in your photos. Also, you might consider an outfit representing your new school of choice. These less traditional images are a great way to announce to the world . (Photographer Tips: Logo t-shirts, excluding collegiate clothing, or articles of white clothing do not photograph well, so best to avoid them!)

Wear it again girl!

What to wear for senior photos, Vintage Creek Photography, San Antonio, Texas      What to wear for senior photos, Vintage Creek Photography, San Antonio, Texas

Picking the perfect outfit for senior photos and then turning around and repeating the process for prom can be exhausting. Problem solved- use the same outfit! Glamorous dresses shouldn’t be restricted to just one night of partying. Take that dress to some flowering fields and get your model on! Since we are thinking spring, airy fabrics and flowing silhouettes are stunning with natural spring backgrounds. To give the look a fresh overhaul, add a denim jacket or a pair of statement shoes. (Photographer Tips: Definitely avoid white here. These are your senior photos; save the white for your wedding day.)

Show some Texas LOVE

What to wear for senior photos, Vintage Creek Photography, San Antonio, Texas   What to wear for senior photos, Vintage Creek Photography, San Antonio, Texas

Spring in San Anotnio, Texas means one thing, wildflowers! Western wear is especially charming among the Hill Country wildflowers. A little bit of dirt on your freshly polished leather boots. A gorgeous side braid tucked beneath the wide brim of a cowboy hat. This look pulls at any Texan’s heartstrings. To make the look your own, consider a fun country-inspired pattern for your shirt. Add femininity with your accessory choices, from a flower tucked in the band of your hat to the stitching on your belt. Western wear also has the special quality of allowing you to really interact with your surroundings. Posing in hay is much easier in jeans than a ball gown (Though I won’t say you can’t, check out my Trash the Dress portfolio).

Accessorize it!

What to wear for senior photos, Vintage Creek Photography, San Antonio, Texas

I always tell my seniors to bring EVERYTHING. You can change the feel of  any outfit by the accessories you use. Hats, scarves, belts, jewelry, shoes–the right combination can boost your outfit from a solid 8 to a smashing 10. Having these options at the shoot will inspire both of us. Having a hat to model with or a piece jewelry to hold helps you find stunning poses that come naturally. I might be inspired by the color or shape, which will help me find the perfect background and angle. Having the accessory options available opens so many doors. 

With these ideas in mind, start planning your look now! Wildflowers are already beginning to blossom, and the peak of the season is only weeks away. Book now before it is too late! I continue to add helpful tips and tricks for your perfect session, just look for the Tag “Senior LookBook.”  

Jordan – Clemens High Senior- Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress in Blanco, TX!

I’d like to introduce the beautiful Jordan! She is a 2017 Clemens High School Senior and a crazy fun girl! We decided to try a trash the dress session at the Blanco State Park and it turned out amazing!

Vintage Creek Photography - Trash The Dress

Vintage Creek Photography - Trash The Dress

 Vintage Creek Photography - Trash The Dress

Vintage Creek Photography - Trash The Dress



The weather was really hit or miss that day. We were lucky to catch a dry patch to shoot at the river but we didn’t know if we would be able to get any additional images. We got SUPER lucky driving home though. We found a nice little field tucked back in a neighbor in Spring Branch and it was perfect. The colors, the setting sun, her outfits…It was a perfect ending to a crazy fun afternoon.

Outdoor Senior

Vintage Creek PHotography

Vintage Creek Photography


 Vintage Creek Photography

Remember all my sessions come with hair and make-up and a wardrobe consultation, you can have stunning images like these too! Contact me to set up a time to chat about YOUR senior photos!

County Fair Time

Roger here. Big day at Vintage Creek. Today we deliver our print entries to the county fair. Brittany and I are each entering seven prints and there are big things at stake. The loser (in terms of ribbon count) has to buy Slurpies and the winner has bragging rights for the whole year.  I thought i would share a few of each of our entries. Mine first:

Here are some of Brittany’s entries:


Not your average senior photos

[Editor’s Note: We are soo behind on our blog. We’ll get caught up real soon, we promise!]  

I just wanted to show you a stunning shoot we did a few months ago with one of our senior model reps for 2012/2013 Courtney.  We call it “Drown the Gown”.  Not only is she beautiful but the location was perfect. This young girl is amazing and quite talented. I love taking the time to get to know each of my clients and trying to make each session unique and memorable.

As a photographer, there is always the risk of becoming to comfortable in your shooting style and technique. Why would you want to shoot the same thing day in and day out?  I could never have my clients moving in and out of my studio like cattle. What joy and passion I get from designing, planning, prepping and creating something new for each client.  I will admit that I borrow ideas, concepts and moods to recreate, but it will always be my own interpretation and style.

Courtney is also on the Granite Bay high school dance squad and I had a chance to photographer her at the last home game of the season. (Against my old high school, Del Oro) I’m not just here to photograph you for a day, I’m here for all your big moments. I want my clients to think of me as their  photographic diary keeper. Birth to weddings and everything in between. .

This Girl Rocks!

Meet Corinne. She’s Captain of the cheer squad at Granite Bay High, gymnastics coach, soon to be Freshman at Chico State and America’s next top model. This girl rocked it! She was carefree, relaxed and hilarious. We had way too much fun with her….  Be sure to check out her video on YouTube!

Just a girl and a horse…

Add one part stunning cowgirl, one part horse and one part photography and you get these….

I am in love with all of the photographs we took that day. It has been so hard for me to narrow down a few to show you. Jacqueline was amazing. She was so relaxed and easy going. You can tell in all of her photos that she was having a good time. Even when she’s not smiling she has such depth and emotion in her eyes.

This is a new location that we have discovered and I think it’s a keeper. I can’t forget to thank Coby the horse and Emily his owner for all the help. Sometimes working with animals can be very difficulty but just look how willing everyone was to be a part of the shoot!

We also got to spend a little time at my favorite shooting location… the old barn. The image below is my favorite photography of the day.

Thank you again Jacqueline for being my model and thank you Emily for the help with Coby.  It was a great day!