The New Schertz YMCA Pool is Open!

Grab your trunks and towel, the pool is open!

I know the people of Schertz have been waiting a LONG time for this day to arrive! I’m so excited for this new facility and for all the wonderful benefits it will offer our expanding community.

Vintage Creek Photography, Schertz TX, Schertz ymca pool, Clemens High School Swim Team

Vintage Creek Photography had the special privilege of using the pool before it was officially open in order to shoot some great promotional photographs! Not only were we allowed special access, we had some amazing models, businesses, and parents to help us with this exciting new project.


Clemens High School Swim Team Models

First, I’d like to take a moment and talk about our amazing models. Introducing: Alyse Voos, Courtney Ayers, and Robert Dziergowski! These three young Clemens Buffs went all out for this shoot. Now you may look at these images and think they might not look very challenging. However, anyone who has done an underwater photoshoot knows otherwise. These projects require courage and endurance. Even experienced swimmers struggle under the pressure.

Vintage Creek Photography, Schertz TX, Schertz ymca pool, Clemens High School Swim Team

Moving underwater in a full outfit is bulky and awkward. This is especially so when that outfit includes a genuine leather and wool letterman jacket. Courtney was chosen to wear the jacket and thus was tasked with the most difficult aspect of the shoot. The jacket absorbed a TON of water which added pounds of unfamiliar weight she had to swim with and model through. We made sure to take breaks often with that in mind. What really was impressive was, despite the strain of the jacket, Courtney’s facial expression underwater shows no sign of stress. She pushed through and made the task look effortless for the camera.

Vintage Creek Photography, Schertz TX, Schertz ymca pool, Clemens High School Swim Team

The letterman jacket also pushed through the shoot effortlessly. After a simple drip dry, the jacket’s form and fabric never would betray the fact that it had been submerged underwater for hours. I was so impressed! Mecca Sportswear is the local company that makes these crazy, indestructible jackets. It’s very difficult to find a student willing to risk their own personal letterman jacket in the pool, but Mecca was on board as soon as we pitched them the idea. They provided us this jacket with the knowledge that it might be destroyed, but they must have known their quality craftsmanship would pull through. I never had the opportunity to own a letterman jacket when I went to high school. Now after working with one, I know why they are so special! (I still wouldn’t advise you to jump in the pool with one on, but if drenching circumstances occur my bet is that this jacket will endure.)


Our project wouldn’t be complete without the hard work of Aly and Robert. These two crazy kids were hilarious. Despite the watery challenges they had to meet, they still kept the photoshoot fun with jokes and plenty of laughter. Their photos really captured that feeling of a red carpet pool party. The clothing we chose for them was a bit easier to swim in, but we still made sure to watch everyone carefully. I had my trusty assistant Becky in the pool as well as a lifeguard on deck. Safety is always a priority with these formidable shoots, so I always aim to be over-prepared.

Vintage Creek Photography, Schertz TX, Schertz ymca pool, Clemens High School Swim Team

The new Schertz pool is beautiful. The design and layout of the facility is thoughtful and a work of art in itself. One of the biggest factors that contribute to the quality of an underwater photo is the clarity of the pool, and this pool was immaculate! It is the clearest pool I have ever shot in, and all pools from now on will be compared to its perfect clarity. The Schertz YMCA has done a commendable job running and maintaining the city pools, and this one is no exception. I want to give a special shoutout to Aquatics Director Deseret for helping us with this project. It takes a lot of hands to make a photo shoot like this run, and I am thankful for every one of them!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 brings, but if this first project gives us any indication then we are in for a busy year! Please feel free to contact me with any projects you might have or to schedule your own personal land or underwater photoshoot.