Trash The Dress

Trash the dress

Once reserved only for brides, we take the concept of “trash the dress” and apply it to the starring formals of every senior’s wardrobe: prom attire. These sessions are all about glamor and beauty while adding a hint of edge.

I love to take prom dresses out to locations that are anything but standard. Water has an incredible effect on satin, silk, lace, and chiffon so sessions underwater, in the rain, or in river currents can really boost the drama. The fun doesn’t have to stop there. Trash the dress could star in the freshly settled dusts of the rodeo, the twinkling lights of carnival rides, or among the scenic bustle of the Riverwalk. Leave the properly trimmed gardens and empty ballrooms in the past, and let your imagination stir up a new scene for your formals.

Finding the perfect dress does not have to be difficult or expensive. Maybe you have a stash of old prom dresses from dances of seasons pass that you now no longer need. Or maybe you are all for finding the perfect dress for just this trashing occasion. Most of the dresses I have worked with are jackpot garage sale or thrift store finds. We love things with color, beads, and lots of layers; it does not even have to be the right size. We are costume connoisseurs. We will clip, cut, and bind any bargain dress to fit. What matters is that you are not afraid of letting loose and having fun while in fancy formals. The better the contrast is, the better the trash the dress effect is.