Photo Props For Sale

We have a number of photo props we are selling. We have used these successfully for babies, seniors and newlyweds.

Contact Roger at 916-532-3232 for any of these.

Wooden Wagon – SOLD

This wagon is 24″ long x 16″ high

Two Old Sleds – $30.00

These sleds are great for snow shoots. The sleds are 42″ long.¬† Must take both.

Old Luggage Collection – SOLD

This luggage must be taken as a set. Great for posing seniors or newlyweds. Or put a baby in one.


Five light fluorescent light box with bulbs and stand – SOLD

This light box has five fluorescent bulbs that give continuous light for posing. Does not get hot like incandescent light and the fluorescent bulbs are balanced for daylight. Great for newborn posing where a strobe might wake the newborn. Has 2 switches to control the light (full or half). Includes stand. It produces great “soft” light.

Lemonade Stand – $15.00

This prop easily breaks down for transport.

Posing table and chair – SOLD

This posing chair and table is great for posing individuals. Both the table and chair are adjustable in height.

 Baby Bed РSOLD

This bed is great for posing newborns. Needs cushion and/or blanket. 25″w x 16″d x 16″h

Apple Box – $5.00

This is a new apple box distressed and painted to look old. 18″l x 13″w x 9″d.