County Fair Time

Roger here. Big day at Vintage Creek. Today we deliver our print entries to the county fair. Brittany and I are each entering seven prints and there are big things at stake. The loser (in terms of ribbon count) has to buy Slurpies and the winner has bragging rights for the whole year.  I thought i would share a few of each of our entries. Mine first:

Here are some of Brittany’s entries:


Having Fun With Baby Blake

Baby Blake has just turned three months old and we have been having a lot of fun with him.  Blake can’t quite sit up yet but he doesn’t seem to mind sitting in buckets!

We still have a few dates open left for holiday family portraits.  Give us a call!

Baby Bump!

While it’s wonderful to work with moms-to-be and it’s amusing to capture the exuberance of a toddler, when you combine the two you can actually quadruple the fun-factor! That’s just what happened when Lila showed up with her little boy for her maternity shoot. What a little love-bug Shawn was. One minute he was as serious as a librarian and the next he was as ornery and opinionated as politician and what’s awesome is we were able to photograph both competing attitudes. What’s cool about what we do is that we know someday Blake is going to love these family pictures as well.


Baby Bear

I finally got my baby fix! It’s been too long since we’ve had a baby in our studio. I’d like to welcome Will! Only  nine days old!

We got to shoot the whole family too! Mom, Dad and big sister Charlotte.

We really tried to do some thing new and fun. What do you think?!?

We had such a nice time with this wonderful family. I can’t wait to shoot them again and to see how much they’ve grown.