All The Details For Your Perfect Senior Session

Ready for your perfect, personalized pictures? Before we can get glammed up and start shooting, I think it is important that we meet for a personal consultation. Each photo session is tailored to fit the interests of each senior, and in order for that personalization to be spot on, a meet and greet is arranged so we can talk and get the ideas rolling. Once we get an idea of your vision, we can set up a timeline and I can start securing the perfect props, designing costumes, and scoping out the perfect location.

So what is your vision? Our sessions are completely custom made for each client. Contact Us for more information and pricing.

Going out with a Bang

(Underwater and Outdoor Session)

Meet and Greet consultation

2 separate shooting days

Underwater session and Two Locations

Hair and Make-up for both sessions

35 Edited  images

Getting my feet wet

(Underwater Session Only)

Meet and Greet consultation

Underwater session

Hair and Make-up

15 Edited  images

*Please contact us for special group pricing.

Signature Session

(Signature Session Only)

Meet and Greet consultation

Two Locations

Hair and Make-up

25 Edited  images

Hair and Make Up Is Included 

Each session includes complimentary hair and makeup styling. So don’t worry, I will make sure your face is on point, and all you would have to do is sit back and relax. Before you know it, you will have that perfect vogue look and wind-tossed locks. This is your personal pampering time.

To get things started, we need a nice blank canvas, so come with a clean face and clean hair.

For guys, this means no recent haircuts. Give at least two week between a haircut and the day of the shoot to allow your hair to grow back to a more natural look. On the day of, come with your hair styled and face freshly shaven. For girls, this means foundation only and your hair down. Try not to have it up in a bun right before our session as it will give your hair kinks.

The Day of the Shoot

Another important note is to plan the day of the shoot with plenty of breathing room.

With set up and complicated props, sometimes the prep stage takes longer than expected. I would hate for us to have to cut the time short because of other requirements you have for that day. Same goes for activities before your session. I don’t want you running late and feeling anxious about your sessions. This day should be about you shining in front of the camera. If things flow well, I could honestly keep taking pictures until the sun sets.

What to Bring

  • If it’s a session with any kind of water, bring these items.
  • 2 towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Change of dry clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Bag for wet items
  • Rubber ducky

It’s All About Timing

Props, location, costuming, and lighting are all very important factors to consider when planning a shoot. Through these items, we will be able to best emphasize your story. Finding the perfect props and locations are essential, but can be a challenge and will take time. Weather also can play a major factor in set up, equipment, lighting, and ambiance. Though it is tempting to just jump in front of the camera and start posing, the planning stage of the photoshoot is vital and can be extensive. This is why I avoid scheduling a photography session without a proper meet and greet. After we get to know each other, we can develop a plan. This gives me the timeline I need to make your photos something to remember forever.