Brittany’s Top Ten from 2011

Brittany here and I’ll share my top ten images from 2011.

#1 Audrey Baby – I know you must be surprised that an image of my own daughter took the top spot…. Well I can’t help it. She’s just so cute and I hardly ever can get a decent smile from her. It makes mommy proud too that she wants to follow in the family business.

#2 Carli Stone – I love her expression. We took so many wonderful photos but if you knew Carli you would say that this one is her. She’s always laughing and smiling.  Her nose is so cute too!

#3 Baby Gemma – This one was hard to shoot but the reward was worth the effort. Love the cute baby hat!

#4 Feet – My clients say I have a foot fetish… so what, it makes for amazing art! Look how cute this triptych turned out. I am considering this one photo because I knew when taking these images they were always meant to go together.

#5 Point Cabrillo Lighthouse – This is the first “professional” image I took. I’m not a huge landscape fan but I’m really happy with how this one turned out. Unfortunately my ISO was cranked through the roof  (3200) giving it an unusual texture. I love it all the same.

#6 Baby Violet – I love this family photo. It is so intimate and sweet. Love photo’s in B&W!

#7 Congratulations Paul & Ashley! This was the last shoot of the year for us. It turned out Amazing! The couple hasn’t even been in yet to see these images. I just knew I’d love this one as we were taking it! I bet the wedding photo’s will make next years top ten!

#8 Cowgirl – Once again I’m drawn to B&W. She was so much fun to shoot! Beautiful smile and such a sweet girl.  Loved everything about this day.

#9 School Time – He’s such a little stud! Rosy cheeks and everything. These were close friends of ours that moved east this past year. I’m so sad for that too…. I could photograph him everyday!

#10 Wedding Bells – I am such a fan of unique images. This is very typical of my style of shooting. Not just because it’s feet, but of the composition and color. It goes best as a cluster with three or four other images but I just had to add it. LOVE IT!!!!

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  1. Score! I am excited we were able to sneak in to the 2011 pictures and make the top 10. You missed my gasp and freak out of excitement. Woo hoo!!!!

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